Product design and development

with full business accompaniment

B-focus specializes in product design and development from concept to production While creating custom work processes for each customer

From idea to product

B-Focus specialized in product design and development and up to mass production and assembly of products. As part of our services we provide solutions for companies and innovators in the Israel and global industries.

Business strategy

Design and build business strategy, by analyzing the product, the designated market, competitors, related product and prices, structure of the desired company to support the activities, is part of the things that taking into consideration when evaluating strategy of a company.

Services for companies and entrepreneurs

B-Focus services that related to product design and development will include evaluation of the market and related product. as part of the services the team in B-Focus will do will include the design of final concept for the product, that will then continue to Engineering process, production of prototypes and up to final product, moldings and mass production. In our capabilities also to assembly products and supply to the customer with all the related regulatory and quality documents.

B-Focus is specialized in bringing your idea to reality. We provide services to companies in the different industries, start up companies and to entrepreneurs.

B-Focus will design specific working processes for each customer already in the beginning of the work. The working process will get feedback from both departments – the design and development department, and the business department. All in order to achieve the best process that will eliminate risks and will increase the success of the product/ company as much as possible.

Professional Information