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Who We Are

Product design and development

Who we are?

Bfocus company specializes in products design and development, from the idea and up to production.

The company provides services for two main market segments:

Services to companies from the industry: research and products characterization, engineering planning and designing, design combination and planning for plastic and metal, accompaniment and producing, production of models and prototypes, planning and manufacturing molds, calculations and electro-thermo simulations, etc.

Services for entrepreneurs and start-ups: patents search, patents registration, writing, guiding and planning market surveys, business plans and additional marketing information needed for the investment raising stage writing, business counseling to entrepreneurs and start-ups, accompaniment to negotiations and deals closings, recruitment and creating business partnerships.

Bfocus company has two departments:

The development division has leading designers and engineers from the industry, all with many years of experience in designing and developing products, mold planning, building and accompaniment of big series production.

The business division has business counselors recognized bythe Israel Business Counselors Association www.ibca.org.il. A representative from the business division will accompany a project from the beginning of the process and until returning it to the client at its end, and will provide business and strategic support that will influence the product’s development and design, so that the product will answer as much as possible to the market demand.

Bfocus builds individual working processes for every project and combines the two departments from the very start, at the concept stage, in order to reduce worries regarding the two aspects most critical to the product successes – the design and the business aspects.

In Bfocus we believe in people, collaborated, hard, professional and rational goal directed work, which will give the client and the product a relative advantage against the competitors.

In Bfocus we believe in thoroughness and in performing a quality goal directed work in the first time. The working process with companies and entrepreneurs is built according to the product in development and as part of a joint work process, which gives the client design and business aspects that will give the product a relative advantage against existing competitors.

We’ll be happy to hear from you, and we are certain the product we will provide you will answer your demands and give you full value for your investment.

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