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Our services

Our company is built from two main divisions: design and development division and business division.

Our company’s structure and character were shaped so that the two divisions will work parallel to each other and give our clients the best answers regarding the product’s design and development, according to the product relevant business aspects.

* Our company’s design and engineering aspects are performed by designers and engineers with many years of experience in the products development and production industry.

** Our company’s business aspect is performed by business counselors known and authorized by the state of Israel.

The development division provides the following services:

Product design:

  • Research regarding the character of using the product; design and general existing and future trends analysis.
  • Target audience research and market analysis.
  • Concepts develop, taking into account elements of Graphic Usage Interface and ergonomic.
  • Product’s design and aesthetics
  • Building 3D simulations
  • Possibility/mok-up models and up to final prototypes buildings
  • Design of logo, brochures, presentations and other marketing material branding the firm according to its goals


  • Planning and development of engineering concepts and up to detailed planning for production and preparation of product file.
  • Supporting the design department and emphasizing design planning.
  • Pre-manufacturing thermo engineered analysis.
  • Plastics planning and combined equipment of plastics and metal
  • Automation and control management.
  • Small/big series molds planning, production processes accompaniment and up to delivering the products to the client (after assembling).
  • Accompaniment, planning and control over production processes.

Models and Prototypes building and manufacturing:

  • Building and manufacturing of possibility models, mok-ups and prototypes
  • Building and manufacturing of mechanical mechanisms of high complexity.
  • Models manufacturing in vacuum forming technology, high pressure castings, low pressure castings, CNC, STL.
  • Manufacturing of small and big series – including assembling and delivering the final products to the client.
  • Accompaniment and support in manufacturing of mass scale series – including assembling and delivering the final products to the client.

The business division provides the following services:

  • Market surveys according to the product and goals defined by the client.
  • Market trends analysis regarding the product’s character, the potential client and branding goals defined by the client.
  • Emphasizing design and planning issues to the design and engineering division – according to relevant aspects of the target market.
  • Counseling in building and analyzing strategies for projects and start-ups
  • Building and managing business and marketing processes according to defined goals.
  • Guidance and accompaniment of business development processes, preparation of business and marketing plans, connecting with relevant investors, manufacturers and marketers.
  • Searching and issuing patent search reports, reports analysis and conclusions implementation on the design and development process, registration and submission of patents during the development process.
  • Guidance in writing market surveys and assistance in performing them, result analysis and implementation of the business information in the business and marketing plans. Profits forecasting according to penetration percentage, relevant risks and win-lose evaluations.
    Accompaniment and guidance in negotiation with potential investors and deals closures, and business accompaniment for goals achieving.

Services for entrepreneurs and start-ups

As part of the services we provide, defined processes and schemes were built, providing support and advancement of entrepreneurs and start-ups. Bfocus provides total solution regarding all the aspects relevant for building value to an idea, with full collaboration between the company’s two divisions and the entrepreneur. These are the processes provided by Bfocus for entrepreneurs and start ups:

  • Market share, demands and risks analysis, and giving relevant emphasizing to the development division.
  • Guidance in choosing business and marketing strategies for the product – target markets and relevant marketing schemes analysis: advantages, disadvantages.
  • Conceptual development of the idea and market trends analysis
  • Patents search, patents analysis with entrepreneurs, and implementation of conclusions in the product planning.
  • Advanced concepts development.
  • Writing and submission of patents as a result of the searches and development done.
  • Quantitative market surveys writing, entrepreneurs’ guidance in characterization and performance of the project, results analysis and implementation in the product’s development process and the business plan.
  • Final concept development
  • Writing of business plans, presentations and marketing information needed to be presented to the investors.
  • Business guidance of entrepreneurs throughout the entire process; clarifying of the relevant processes, their position in the development process and their importance in meeting with the potential investor.
  • Business accompaniment, managing negotiations, creating business partnerships, connecting with investors and directing to investing firms.
  • Business accompaniment, managing negotiations, creating business partnerships with marketers in the United States and Western Europe.
  • For a detailed explanation on the processes and their benefits for the entrepreneur, click here.

Bfocus Company:

We are able to perform quality, fast and accurate design and engineering planning.

We are building all working processes with the client, according to the goals and demands defined. The working processes will include, among other things, brainstorming of the client with representatives from the business and development divisions, in order to get a product that answers the client’s and market’s demands to the highest degree, and achieving the defined goals.

The development stages we specialize in are from the concept stage and up to production. The process we develop are in accordance with the product in development, and business and marketing issues are examines throughout the development process, in order to create a winning product that will give the client a relative advantage against the competitors.

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