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Process for Companies

Services for industrial companies:

Bfocus Company provides design and development services of products and external packaging for industrial companies.

As part of the process and to create added value for our clients, Bfocus Company already combines the company’s two divisions – business and development – in the characterization stage.

The issues emphasized by the two divisions are guiding the character of the product’s design while taking into consideration the branding goals the company set to itself and to its products, the target market, customers’ demands and the cost benefit factors which the client will examine before buying the product.

Our designers and engineers team have more than ten years of experience in the industry and are able to provide full comprehensive services from the idea stage and up to the prototype stage, in planning for production, designing efficiency to an existing product and supporting and accompaniment in serial manufacturing according to the series size and the client demand.

Our business division has business counselors recognized by the Israel Business Counselors Association.

The issues emphasized and delivered to the development division will include aspects critical for the product’s success:

character of the target market, the company’s and products’ branding goals in the target markets and cost benefit aspects which will be examined by the client prior to purchasing the product.

The process performed by Bfocus Company from the moment of order is:

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