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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first and the leader in the market, combining products design and development divisions with close accompaniment of the business division. We believe that goal directed collaborative work is an essential business aspect from the project’s initial stages.

According to this belief, Bfocus built its organizational structure horizontally, so that our clients will receive professional and fast service in both design/planning and business/marketing aspects.

In Bfocus we specialize in developing and designing products from the idea stage and up to the production and marketing stages of the product, while emphasizing relevant business issues in regard to the company’s character, product’s type and target audience.

Our development division has designers with rich experience in industrial design and prototypes development, mold planning and high levels products production. The division emphasizes the product’s design and branding, so it would fit the target audience and the company’s character and products.

Our business division has business counselors, authorized by government institutes, and is providing business accompaniment along the process of the product’s designing and branding.

Additionally, the division provides entrepreneurs and start-ups with services and plans, which include: searching, writing and registration of patents, market surveys writing and guidance in performing them, results analysis and gathering of all the information needed for writing detailed business plan and relevant marketing information needed for investment recruitment. Additionally, our company provides business accompaniment and guidance throughout all the development stages, to enable entrepreneurs to reach the negotiation when they understand the business meanings relevant to the project development, and their influence on the development, production and marketing stages.

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