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Organization Structure

Bfocus company profile/organization structure

Bfocus Company is built from two main divisions: development division and business division.

As part from the company’s establishment, target markets, needs, goals and working processes of the company’s clients were analyzed and chosen. The organizational structure the company implemented is horizontal, so that during the working process there will be full synchronization, updating and emphasizing from the business, marketing and developmental aspects, according to the project type, work character, company type and the goals it wants to achieve.

Bfocus analyzed and choose two main target markets:

I. companies from the industry
II. entrepreneurs and start-ups

Bfocus Company is built to provide added value to the client market, by performing working processes which combines two important aspects needed for the product’s success during the development processes – developmental and business aspects – and thus reduce the relative risk of the needed investment.

** Business accompaniment and guidance is performed by business counselors authorized by the Israel Business Counselors Association

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