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Business consulting as part of a product or patent development

One of the main reasons for a young entrepreneur’s insecurity is the lack of knowledge, experience and understanding of how things work in the business world.

The reasons for that insecurity are logical and understandable. This article will deal with the importance of the business counselor in the project development process and in the processes needed for building money and concrete values to the idea or patent.

Perhaps the most important job of the business counselor is to clear the fog covering the business and entrepreneurship world, and show the entrepreneur the consequences and future influences of every decision he makes upon the development process and the product’s feasibility. Additionally, a business counselor coming from the entrepreneurship industry will understand the process which the entrepreneur and the project must go through, and will be able to build the right time schedules, decide when it is right to spend money and on what and when not, which are the more relevant types of investments, etc.

The best advice one can give to a beginning entrepreneur is to take business counseling from the initial stages of the process, given by a counselor experienced in the entrepreneurship world. A right guidance will lead the entrepreneur to a correct process of building value to his idea or patent. In order to better understand the process which the entrepreneur and the project will go through, look at under ‘processes for entrepreneurs’.

The business counselor job in the process is to guide the entrepreneur regarding which process are required, when to start them, when to stop and when to continue with them. This is not as complicated as it sounds. For example, the patents search is needed to be performed after choosing the project’s general strategy; but the patent registration is ought to be performed only in (a relatively) advanced stage of the development.

A short article as this isn’t enough to describe the business counselor roll, but what can be said for sure is that his role begins at the initial stage of the idea development and ends when all the goals defined by the entrepreneur achieved.

To conclude, the business counselor needs to guide the entrepreneur in the short term goals needed to achieve the long terms ones. Most of the time the entrepreneur sees only the long term goals, such as selling the product to a specific company or manufacturing and marketing of the product. In order to convert those goals to the current time point, it is needed to consult with a professional from field. Imagine that you are standing on the bank of a river full of many unknown obstacles; will you take your chanced and cross it alone, or let someone with experience navigate you through?

** This article should not be taken as counseling, guidance or advice

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